Hey, it's me! Do you remember me? No? That makes a lot of sense actually. It'd be kind of weird if you did.

Anyways, This blog used to have a cute lil' gimmick: every 15 minutes i'd write in it.

It did not last long.

I was trough a period where i was doing nothing with my life. I guess i'm past that now.

doing things goes against the statement piece of this blog.

it was supposed to be a monument to innui.

a still life blog.

maybe if my life goes really downhill i'll come back to doing that.

it's not like my life is going great now

but it's not going to let me spend a good chunk of my time writing text every 15 minutes, haha

I don't want this site to die though, i spent too much time on it.

More stuff coming soon? ;3

Anyways, if you're curious about the diary, you can read it still.